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"Schneekopfkugeln" are (roughly) described as sphere-shaped formations of rhyliths which are found in the Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald) area.

In English-speaking areas, these rock formations are called "thunder eggs".

The name for these ball-like rock formations (often also called "Geoden" [geodes]) comes from Schneekopf Berg (Snow Top Mountain or Hill) in the middle of the Thuringian Forest - although, to the best of my knowledge, none of these Schneekopfkugeln have ever actually been found on this mountaintop.

Preconditions for the (even today not yet clearly explained) formation of Schneekopfkugeln are strong, acidic (i.e. silicic-acid rich volcanic rocks [rhyolite - old: quartz-porphyry]) in which, through degasing and crystallization the development of these spare-shaped formations occured.

In the center of Schneekopfkugeln, it often comes to the deposition of quartz in all its variations, in ideal cases in crystallized form inside a hollow space.

Less often, (these) varios star-shaped internal cavities are filled with (partly crystallized) fluorite or fluorspar, barite, or also hematite. 

Not quite so often, from discovery site to discovery site and also inside a discovery site, agate fillings are found that are not only different in terms of their types of formations, but also in terms of their frequency of occurrence.

On my home page, I'd like to present the results of my (more than) 30 years of collecting activity (first of all with emphasis on agates in Schneekopfkugeln) to all who are interested.

With friendly greetings and a wish of good luck from Thuringia.


The Schneekopfkugel collector

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